Pediatric Chiropractor Care in Weston

Our clinic can provide a variety of chiropractic services. We have listed the most common requests below; however, we recommend making an appointment to discuss any potential treatment in greater detail.

A woman getting help for sport injuries in Weston

Back Pain

Evidence-based practice guidelines from international and multidisciplinary expert panels endorse chiropractic management for both acute and chronic non-specific low-back pain by recommending spinal manipulation, over-the-counter pain medication, exercise and early return to activities as the most effective and cost-effective management for most patients. Source.

Neck Pain

Evidence-based practice guidelines from expert panels (eg, Quebec Task Force on Whiplash, 1995, Bone and Joint Decade Neck Pain Task Force 2008) support similar management for non-specific neck pain, the second most common cause of musculoskeletal disability after back pain, in developed countries. Source.


Chiropractic, medical and dental research in the 1990s, identified the structures in the cervical spine which were responsible for many headaches (previously diagnosed as tension headache or migraine). These are now identified as cervicogenic headache by the International Headache Society. Clinical trials have now reported that chiropractic management is effective for patients with cervicogenic headache. Source.

Sports Injury

Chiropractic care focuses on movement and function, which is often how sports injuries occur. Our chiropractors can help assess, diagnose and manage sports injuries (new and ongoing), and provide a care plan that can reduce the frequency and relieve the symptoms of repetitive injuries.

Babies & Children

Infants and children experience many small traumas in their young lives through for example: accidents while riding bikes, playing sport, falling as they learn to walk and long periods in car seats. Our chiropractors understand that children have significant anatomical, physiological, developmental and psychological differences and needs from adults, so practitioners modify all care and treatment (including technique and force), to suit the age, presentation and development of the patient. Using very particular techniques, chiropractic can assist with certain issues relating to a child’s spinal health.

An infant asleep after our pediatric chiropractor care in Weston


Pregnancy causes strain and stress on the body that may otherwise not occur. Chiropractic care can assist in the management of these symptoms throughout your pregnancy.

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